Industrial grease


A variety of professional grease removers designed for various conditions. From Heavy industries to electronics industry and some tailored solutions for special needs

Green standard cleaning agents for the food industry


The food and drug industry cleaning agents meet the Israeli ministry of health requirements. These are used for cleaning and as disinfectants for production lines.

Rust, Scale, Glue and paint removers


Green standard cleaning agents for dissolving and removing rust, scale and soot. The cleaning agents do not harm various materials such as metal, plastic, rubber or wood parts

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 Welcome to Rotal Group

In the last few years we were evident to increasing tendency to use environmentally friendly cleaning materials. These materials are penetrating to the industrial world, especially to the food industry, replacing old generation materials which are suspected to harm health and environment.
During the past four years Rotal Adhesives develops and produces state of art Green standard cleaning agents under the brand “Green Line”. The series of products is comprised of industrial grease removers, drug and food industry degreasers, scale removers, rust removers, cleaners and disinfectants for the food industry, hand cleaning cream, soot removers, paint and glue removers.
Before starting to clean greasy parts or removing scale, wait for a second and call us for advice. We will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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Before and after using Green-Line

  • שימוש במסיר חלודה – RGN-3712

  • שימוש במסיר שומנים ברצפת מוסך – RGN-6011

  • מסיר פיח מחלקי מנוע – RGN-6209

  • מסיר דבק ממשטח נירוסטה – RGN-8612